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There is a fire burning, but you can help.

Families have lost income due to COVID-19 and are at risk of eviction. You can help

them by supporting and promoting a collaborative fund to provide vital financial assistance.

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How bad is it?

According to a recent survey of local apartment managers,

we found that over 500 households in 20 apartment communities in the Clarkston area were unable to make rent in April, and that number is expected to grow.




So, what exactly is CAER?

The Clarkston Area Economic Relief Fund is an emergency alliance of community members who want to make sure families in the neighborhood are able to keep their housing. Donations are tax deductible and managed through a donor-advised fund set up through The National Christian Foundation.


Funds are disbursed by mini-grants to local non-profit partners who assist in vetting applications and paying apartment management directly upon application approval.

Join the campaign!

1. Watch the video.

2. Share it with this link:, and the hashtag #keeppeoplehoused and tag your friends!


3. Give and help families survive the crisis.


Where have we helped?

There are currently volunteers working on the following properties. Volunteers are working to assist tenants with applications to CAER and other funds, and also connect applicants to other resources if needed.


Want to help out or adopt a property?

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1500 Oak

Clarkston Station

Mirador at Idlewood

Springdale Glen

Brannon Hill

English Oaks

Parc 1000

The Lakes

Carriage Court

Kristopher Woods

Sage Pointe

It takes all of us to help put out this fire.

The Clarkston Area Economic Relief Fund is one of several key initiatives

working to address the growing housing and economic crisis related to COVID-19.


Educating and supporting landlords by providing scholarships to tenants.


Working with non-profits and religious organizations to help families.


Possible additional emergency funding focused on direct rent relief to tenants.

Would you like more information?

Do you work for a non-profit organization, religious gathering, and want to help?

Do you or someone you know need assistance with your rent or mortgage?

Fill out the contact form and we'll get in touch with you.

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