We're working together to keep families fed.

So many people in the area of Clarkston, Georgia have lost income due to COVID-19.

Bills are still due, and much of the aid provided doesn't cover the cost of providing for a family.

We're working together to help feed our neighborhood.

Find Food

Search our database of local service providers who can help you keep your family fed during the Coronavirus pandemic. You can also search additional resources such as utility assistance, job placement services, and more!


Distribution Calendar

Use this calendar to find out when different service providers are open, when they deliver, and when you can pick up from their locations.


Want to volunteer? Due to the large scale of the current crisis, many organizations could use your help! If you are interested in packing grocery boxes, delivering food, or even just donating to a good cause, fill out the form and we'll have someone reach out!

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A Collaborative Initiative

The Clarkston Food Alliance is a collaborative initiative to serve families in the Clarkston, GA area who are struggling to make ends meet due to COVID-19.

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